Helping Me Save My Home

There are lots of reasons that people fall behind on mortgage payments. Maybe they have suffered a serious accident or illness or have lost their job and are unable to find a new one. Housing Opportunities is there with options that may assist you in saving your home and avoiding homelessness. Housing Opportunities is a HUD certified housing counseling agency and we provide these services to you at no charge. These programs include:

  Foreclosure Prevention - By analyzing each individual’s situation, identifying available options and developing personalized foreclosure prevention plans, Housing Opportunities can help you formulate a strategy. Programs include, modifications, interest rate reduction or forbearance. Depending on your lender you might be eligible for an in-house program. Simply call our Foreclosure Prevention Coordinator, Bonnie Kennedy, at 888-401-2592 x 201 and a housing counselor will be there to discuss your personal situation and see what options might be available to you.

Get Help – Get Hope – call 1-888-401-2592 x 201  or 219-548-2800 x 201. 

If you are an Indiana homeowner who's fallen behind on your mortgage payments due to an involuntary loss of employment or reduction in employment income, we want to help you stay in your home!  Learn more from the Indiana Foreclosure Prevention Network GET HOPE website:

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